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DIR 655 vs DIR 825 vs. something else

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I don't know enough to make this decision in time for black friday deals. So, please help me decide.

Points to consider:
* All clients currently are 802.11g.
* I need Gigabit ethernet.
* Should support Static IP assignment over DHCP
* Should support Dyndns
* Obviously enough port forwarding.
* Will be adding a mythTV box that will use 802.11n to record HD content to and play HD content from a NAS box.
* I can't use my existing WRT54G as a second AP because of my roommate (don't ask - long story!!!)

Is the dual band 825 worth the extra $30? I can get the DIR-655 for $77 and the DIR-825 for $106 and both free shipping. Or is there a better router that I can get for cheaper?

The 825 is not simultaneous dual-band. So you'll still suffer throughput loss if you run draft 11n and 11b/g clients simultaneously.
The 655 is a good choice for 2.4GHz draft 11n and gigabit switch combo.
No, 825 can do simultaneous dual band. The emulator allows simultaneous dual band. If you look at 655 emulator, you will notice that it won't allow simultaneous dual band.


Btw, I went for the 825. I will be having mixed clients and when having mixed clients the 655 takes a big hit in the down/up throughput. Same happens when having several other 802.11g networks close by. With the DIR-825, I can put the new 802.11n clients in 5GHz and operate with relatively less interference.

First, sorry that I can't read my own review! You are correct that the 825 supports simultaneous dual-band.

All draft 11n routers have reduced throughput when mixing draft 11n and 11b/g clients.

For your plan to work, your draft 11n clients must be dual-band and you will have shorter range.

For your plan to work, your draft 11n clients must be dual-band and you will have shorter range.

I've read a lot of the reviews by now but if you had to boil it down to a ballpark average figure or percentage...how much of a "shorter range" are we talking about here if it's 5GHz N vs. 2.4GHz N pure with no g,b, or a mixed in?
Not that easy to state as a %. Go look at the open-air tests in the Wireless Charts. 5GHz usually doesn't work at my test locations that have the lowest signal level.

Doesn't matter if you are running mixed clients. It's a signal level issue.

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