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DIR655 Unable to connect to Remote Desktop

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New Around Here
I had created a host with dyndns using the software update.

Added remote desktop in virtual server, but I cannot connect to it.

It gives "this computer cannot connect to the remote computer", even though I was able to ping the remote PC and get a response. What is going on?
Could you provide more details as to what exactly you have done up to this point?

Some suggestions:

1) Can you remote desktop using your IP address, not the DDNS domain name?
2) when you do a nslookup of your DDNS domain name (from a remote location), do you get the correct home IP?
3) What port did you forward on the router? I think it should be TCP 3389.
4) Have you enabled remote connections on the PC you are connecting to? In XP, it's done through Control Panel->System->Remote->Remote Desktop Tab->Allow users to connect remotely to this computer.

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