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If we could just get Diversion its own official DNSMASq source code, and some type of C or C++ framework engine and a highly motivated team to translate @thelonelycoder 's highly creative and innovative ideas, then the sky is the limits. Maybe get a sponsorship from couple of Steve's Jobs of the SNBforums equivalents. .... Now let us take a step back to reality. @thelonelycoder does a phenomenal job.
Haha, yeah reality kicks in and I'm just overwhelmed by the many tasks at hand. One thing at a time, but I'm terrible at concentrating when there are too many floating around.
My mind wanders and I have to constantly tell my brain to keep focused.

Anyway, that Dnsmasq FTL (faster than light) fork would be handy if it were ported to Entware, or at least compatible with it:


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The advice is basically to force the DNS from the router. I have tested it and it works.

Do you see any issue if I hard code my router IP as primary and secondary DNS in LAN --> DHCP Server --> DNS and WINS Server Setting?

Thank you!
Let me know how setting DNS Server 1 and DNS Server 2 to the routers IP works after a while. I've set them on my main router too to see for myself.

Thank you @CannaLucente - was wondering why ad's were coming into my phone but everything else was still OK. Works like a charm @thelonelycoder, Diversion is blocking all them mobile ad's :)


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Please post questions, observances, suggestions and errors for Diversion in a new separate thread that you create - and tag it with Diversion. Thanks :)
Goodbye old thread, you served us well.

Jack Yaz

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