Solved DNSMasq + Pihole?


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I run a few DNSMasq scripts to force SafeSearch network wide and it works well.

I notice If I connect to Pihole's DNS, I lose the SafeSearch Feature.
Is this what is supposed to happen or I should be able to use Pihole' DNS while taking benefit of the router's DNSMasq scripts?

I posted another in the Pihole's forum as I wasn't sure where to post it. It has to with the router and it has to with pihole lol.


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It seems assigning pihole as your dns bypassed dnsmasq. Did you put pihole ip in your LAN DNS server? Maybe can leave it blank and try add
server=<pihole dns ip>
with actual pihole ip address in /jffs/config/dnsmasq.conf.add then run “service restart_dnsmasq” to restart it and see if it help?


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I found that I can add it to the Pihole here and works as intended!


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