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ntpMerlin Does localhost use NTP server after ntpMerlin installation?

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Hi. After going down the rabbit hole of ntp the benefits of local servers, I installed ntpMerlin yesterday.

After installation I switched to chrony and usb storage, and have added 0-3 from the *.uk.pool.ntp.org pools in the config.
All seems to work fine.

However, when running chronyc clients I see lots of ip addresses from my lan, so good news, but I don’t actually see the router’s ip address anywhere, whether its lan ip or its localhost address.
What’s more, the router is still querying my DNS server for uk.pool.ntp.org (without the 0-3 prefix) every hour, which is what was set as the NTP server before installing ntpMerlin.

So my question is, shouldn’t the router itself also be using the chronyd ntp server after installing ntpMerlin? Should I manually add the localhost address as the NTP server in Administration | System settings on the Web-UI?
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