DSL-AC68U Firmware Upgrade: New Firmware Offered by Router Different to ASUS Website


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I am looking to upgrade the firmware on my DSL-AC68U modem router and two DSL-AC68U modem routers acting as AIMesh nodes. The current firmware on all three devices is: The latest firmware available for the DSL-AC68U on the ASUS website is: I was planning to upgrade the the firmware of all three devices to the latest version by using the automatic 'Firmware Upgrade' function on the Administration page.

The firmware offered by the automatic upgrade method, however, is stated as: I cannot find any reference to this firmware version on the ASUS website or, indeed, by a general internet search.

My question is whether I can 'give it a go' with the unknown firmware, updating the three devices automatically, or should I update the three devices individually and manually with the firmware downloaded from the ASUS website.

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There is often a disparity between the information on ASUS websites and that seen on the router.

I would use the firmware offered by ASUS your routers firmware page.


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Hi AndreiV,

Thanks for the reply. It's just typical that when I checked the ASUS website this morning, the latest firmware version on offer is now The firmware from the site and the router are now both the same.



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