DSL-AC68U PPPoE relay and BT Whole Home Mesh?


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Hi all,

I'm finally getting around to sorting a mesh setup and the BT one has got decent review from friends and around.

I've had a DSL-AC68U for years for my Plusnet connection and am quite happy messing around with it.

As far as I'm aware the mesh setup uses PPPoE? Does anyone know if PPPoE relay will work for this?

Many thanks!


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Do you have a link to the BT One system you are looking at, because the branding that I'm aware of relates to one of their business phone systems and not Mesh WiFi.

BT do have a number of Mesh WiFi devices, their routers are usually locked to BT, but they also do have add on Mesh systems that will work with other routers. If these add on systems are what you are looking at, then none of them has stellar performance, they're okay.

As for PPPoE relay, you may be overthinking this. Unless you have a particular usage case, then you probably will not need to use PPPoE (You'll probably want to use your router as a router rather than effectively turning it into a modem).

Anyhow let us know what you are up to - and I'm sure there are more knowledgeable users in here who can give you more specifics!


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You can connect one of the units to your existing router, during the setup it should detect that it already has an internet connection and just set itself up as a replacement WiFi (you'll need to turn the WiFi on the router off later). So there is no need to mess with setting PPPoE or worrying about PPPoE relay unless you have individual clients with their own service username and password - In which case your DSL-AC68U will handle the PPPoE relay just fine, probably with little to no change in configuration.

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