DSL-AC68U to RT-AC68U conversion - USB no disk detected

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I hope someone can please help. I've put the Merlin RT-AC68U firmware on my DSL-AC68U and I can now connect to the NBN - fantastic.
However, when I plug my USB stick in, I get 'No disk detected'. It is not the router as I restored it to original Asus and the USB was detected fine.
I suspect that the problem is caused because the RT-AC68U, and most of the similar ASUS routers have 2 USB ports, but the DSL-AC68U only has one. I've tried Merlin versions 384.5 and 384.17
Yes, I could buy a NAS but I'm avoid spending $$!
Does anyone have a workaround or clever script that will fix this?


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With a DSL-AC68U for your current router and your ability to 'buy a NAS', make the right choice and just buy one (only QNAP or Synology, don't save pennies here too).

The DSL fork @Jack Yaz linked for you will fix the issues you've caused yourself by flashing the wrong version, but the resulting 'NAS' performance will be less than satisfying for anything but the most basic usage. :)


You may need to use the link above to flash the proper firmware on your router too. :)

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