1. MichaelB

    Help. ASUS RT-AC68u bricked - JTAG help needed

    Hi, I have a Asus RT-AC68u that I accidentally bricked doing an upgrade to the latest merlin software. I was having trouble with it not producing a decent output signal, and I'm pretty sure I corrupted the CFE probably in impatience when it was reloading. In any case, I get nothing on the...
  2. R

    RT-AC68U with a RT-N66R in AP mode with Ethernet back-haul

    I've googled and read too much on AiMesh, APs, Repeaters, confuses the heck out of me and just need someone that knows what they are talking about to advise me on what will work best. Would AiMesh be a better solution or do I need better equipment? Background Currently have AT&T GB coming into...
  3. matge

    pppoe take forever to reconnect after reboot

    Hi! I am with Bell Fibe business plan and I've put the Sagecom 2000 in bridge mode. So my Asus RT-AC68U with Merlin (latest version) connect to WAN through pppoe. I used all the default settings, entered my credentials and everything is up and running. When I apply a settings to the router...
  4. P

    DSL-AC68U to RT-AC68U conversion - USB no disk detected

    Hi I hope someone can please help. I've put the Merlin RT-AC68U firmware on my DSL-AC68U and I can now connect to the NBN - fantastic. However, when I plug my USB stick in, I get 'No disk detected'. It is not the router as I restored it to original Asus and the USB was detected fine. I suspect...
  5. H

    Best Replacement AC1900 Router, Factoring In Firmware and Reliability

    Hi all, It's my first time posting here, so I apologize if anything I write violates forum etiquette. I chose my current router, the D-Link DIR-860L, in 2015 based solely on value for performance from the Router Ranker data, but I realize now that this approach is quite a gamble...
  6. B

    Very poor 2.4Ghz performance in AIMESH setup

    I have an AIMESH setup with 4 RT-AX92U (one of these are Aimesh Router) and 2 RT-AC68U. I receive constantly poor performance on the 2.4Ghz net, while 5Ghz performs well. I have contacted ASUS support, they just wanted me to deliver the units for service, did want to troubleshoot or find the...
  7. pirx73

    RT-AC68U IPv6 settings if ISP does not provide IPv6 at all

    Hello all Maybe my question is stupid, i apologize if so, but somehow i feel that answer is not that obvious. My ISP does not provide IPv6 at all. Should i keep IPv6 on my router disabled or i should enable it anyway? If i should enable it, then which connection type should i pick?
  8. J

    RT-AC68U Aimesh Node 2.4 Ghz not working?

    RT-AC86U w/ 384.16, RT-AC68U Aimesh node w/ same, Diversion, UiDivstats, Skynet, AiProtection, Scribe, UiScribe, Conmon, SpdMerlin, ScMerlin, Nsrum, NtpMerlin, OpenVPN selective clients I don't think my 68U node is working on the 2.4 ghz frequency. How can I be sure since I can't access it...
  9. J


    RT-AC86U with Merlin 314.15, RT-AC68U aimesh node with same f/w, diversion, uidivstats, skynet, scribe, uiscribe, OpenVPN for select clients, conmon, spdMerlin, scmerlin, nsrum Hi, folks, Could someone tell me possibly what is going on in and around my little home network here from the chart...
  10. W

    WAN Gigabit not working

    Hi, I can't get LAN/WAN speeds above ~100 Mbps. My WAN connection is 1 Gbps when I connect directly to the ISP modem (testing with Speedtest Ookla). When I connect using a LAN port I get about 100 Mbps (same computer, same cable cat 6, etc) Do I need to do any configuration in the router? What...
  11. P

    Troubleshooting Slow LAN Speed on RT-AC68U

    Hello, I have Xfinity Gigabyte internet service, with a Netgear CMV1150V modem. I have an RT-AC68U Router on the latest firmware (384.15). Unfortunately, I have found that using the Netgear cuts my LAN ethernet internet speed by about 80%. I have a newer PC (with a nice Gigabit ethernet port)...
  12. S

    Merlin: RT-AC68U? R7000? Something else?

    My RT-AC68U is having problems: About every day and a half it needs a reboot; a firmware update and a bunch of resetting didn't help. It seems time for a replacement. I'm using a lot of what Merlin offers, and I'm not sure if I should replace it with another AC68U, or load Merlin onto an R7000...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] RT-AC68U - Brick and can't take any firmware via recovery

    I have cleared the NVRAM in web GUI and then tried to move from AsuswrtMerlin to FreshTomato using Asus Router Firmware Restoration Utility (couldn't do that in GUI because of the Asus restriction on flashing unofficial software...). Unfortunately, after a long wait, the router wasn't detected...
  14. C3LF

    Firmware Update Problem on RT-AC68U (Stuck at the official Asus V.

    Hi and thank you for the creation of this forum! I searched answers in the forum without finding anything to help presently. Troubleshooting mode for me. Tried to flash the latest official Asus Firmware update and the Asuswrt-Merlin (RT-AC68U_384.14_2.trx) through Firefox browser, says...
  15. A

    ZenWiFi AX (XT8)

    Hi, what is your opinion of ZenWiFi AX (XT8)? I currently have ASUS RT-AC68U but I would like to enhance my wifi coverage with new mesh capable router. I'd preffer to use ASUS because of the asuswrt features. What device would you recommend?
  16. J

    Warning from log file?

    RT-AC86U with Asus Merlin F/W and RT-AC68U aimesh node, diversion & skynet. I have refrained in the past from asking questions about the messages from the log file and beyond because I got the impression that the guys that know what is going on don't appreciate those of us who don't asking...
  17. D

    Tenda AC18 & Merlin software

    I purchased a Tenda AC18. On receipt going to the router settings, everything was not in a language that I could understand (Chinese). I installed Merlin software ( for Asus RT-AC68U ) on Fri 2019-Jul-26, and everything has been working great (set to English ). I made many configurations, and...
  18. bigAboo

    RT-AC68U Asuswrt Merlin 384.13 Let's Encrypt doesn't update

    Hello, Let's Encrypt doesn't update certs((( ? How can i solve this problem? Router shows Состояние : OK Issued to : aredcat.asuscomm.com SAN : aredcat.asuscomm.com Issued by : Let's Encrypt Authority X3 Expires on : 2019/11/19 And it doesn't updates anymore.
  19. J

    Couple of quick questions, maybe

    RT-AC86U primary router with Merlin 384.14 beta RT-AC68U for Aimesh Node, ethernet priority with stock Small home and office arrangement, about 100 feet apart. Question 1: Can I attach a small NAS to my Aimesh node's usb port? If so, do I configure it through the...
  20. R

    384.13 VPN activating on IP by itself

    Hi All, I'm using 384.13 on an RT-AC68U. One of my fixed IPs which is not in the OpenVPN client settings is routing through VPN automatically - but not all the time. If I enabled/disable, then all is good for a couple of days, then Ntflx/AmPrm both tell me I'm using a VPN and I have to repeat...