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EROS mesh extender

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Our WiFi using EROS mesh extenders basically suck now. I believe we only have CAT6 in our he game room because we were counting on WiFi throughout. Now, our kids can’t log on for school in their own bedrooms. Data is pretty bad in our area too. Any tips on how to adjust with our current set up vs a new system entirely? We are fed up. Thanks!
Welcome to the forums @Novicex2.

It is hard to recommend any 'adjustments' when you haven't described your setup as-is now.

A diagram will go a long way to giving details that may be important.

But a written description of your home areas (i.e. router, node locations in relation to client devices), router/network setup, network usage, and client devices is a must.

An actual solution is to get Amazon (cloud) out of your home and home/network first. Any budget for that?

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