Ethernet Aggregation with AX88U and 2014 Mac Mini Server?


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I'm considering a AX86U mainly because of the 2.5g ethernet. However, I may consider a AX88U but this does not have 2.5g ethernet. It does however have Ethernet Aggregation. I've never used anything with this before. My Mac Mini server has two ethernet ports (one via USB) and the OS allows me to setup an aggregated link - but my current AC87U does not support it. The OS gives an error along the lines of 'the router does not supporting aggregation'.

Does anyone know if aggrategion will work with the AX88U for this setup? I'm after fast internal networking speed (Mac mini is the server), not a faster Internet connection. Thanks.


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Should work...

Just note that link aggregation will not make things "faster", as this is how ethernet works.

You will see more capacity on that LAGG link, but no more speed for any given transfer.

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