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New Around Here

ich benutze zwei XT8 und die Geräte sind toll. Auch Asuswrt ist ein gutes System,
aber ich habe ein paar Features die noch ergänzt werden könnten:

Freikonfigurierbare SMTP Server für Benachrichtigungsmails

Zeitbudget für einzelne Geräte, nicht nur feste Zeiten am Tag

Bei AVM besteht die Möglichkeit, eine einem Gerät eine gewisse Zeit Internet am
am Tag zu geben. Diese Zeit ist nicht unbedingt an einen festen Zeitrahmen gebunden.
Die Zeit lässt sich bei Bedarf erweitern.

Benachrichtigungsmails über monatlichen Traffic, neue Geräte im WLAN...

Wenn gewünscht, beschreibe ich die Funktionen gerne genauer. Über eine Reaktion würde ich mich

Viele Grüße

Bernd Kallfelz



I use two XT8s and the devices are great. Asuswrt is also a good system,
but I have a few features that could be added:

Freely configurable SMTP server for notification emails

Time budget for individual devices, not just fixed times a day

With AVM it is possible to have a device connected to the Internet for a certain time
to give on the day. This time is not necessarily tied to a fixed time frame.
The time can be extended if necessary.

Notification emails about monthly traffic, new devices in the WLAN ...

If desired, I would be happy to describe the functions in more detail. I would think of a reaction
looking forward.

Best wishes

Bernd Kallfelz


Part of the Furniture
You need to email your suggestions to Asus. They will not see them here.


Very Senior Member
Dear Mr. B. Kallfelz,

Please update your router next Monday and enjoy the features you have requested!

J. Shih
AsusTek Chairman

Is this what you expect as an answer?


New Around Here
Dear Mr. B.Kallfelz, please update your router next Monday and enjoy the features you have requested. Sincerely, J.Shih, AsusTek Chairman.
Is this what you expect as an answer? :rolleyes:
;) No
But it would be nice to get an answer that the feature request is recived and that they are thinking about it or something else. I am really happy with the XT8 and they are great. But they does not have some feature there i will say that they are nice to have or more. In germany AVM have these features and i am thinking about to buy a cable box of AVM and use the XT8 as AiMesh Router in AP mode


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Asus is entirely focused on AiMesh 2.0 now and I'm in doubt they plan any additional features in near feature. Only time will tell.

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