Find WAN network traffic per port/protocol/process

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Hi all,

Situation: AC66U-B1 with latest Merlin firmware and having FTPS and https-AiCloud enabled on the WAN side. The files on FTPS/AiCloud can be downloaded by a pool of ~ 10 persons. Sometimes the CPU is hammered close to 100% when more than 2-3 persons are downloading/uploading.
Problem: I want to check and play at different moments what traffic is used for download/upload and what is the limit per application (FTPS vs https-AiCloud) so that the CPU would stay < 80%.

Question: You know any commands or tools/apps to be able to monitor the traffic per ports on the wan side? For example for ports 21 and 443.

* Traffic Monitor -> Per device -> Real-Time - shows (I think) only the traffic that traverses the NAT Postrouting mangle, so the router/localhost traffic does not appear at all.
* Traffic Monitor -> Global -> Real-Time - shows correctly the bandwidth on the WAN side, but there is no way to differentiate which traffic traverses the router for the LAN clients and which traffic is consumed by the router apps (FTPS / https-AiCloud).
* netstat does not show traffic per PID.
* lsof / iptraf / iftop are not installed on busybox.
* I would like if possible a solution that does not require installation of entware.
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