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Firewall for a specific client

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Jo Sidarta

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I'm using ASUS RT-AC68U with Merlin 386.7_2

I'd like to have a firewall against specific client, is this possible with Merlin?

The firewall rules:
- Allow inbound and outbound against specific IP (BackBlaze IP addresses)
- No other URL / port / non-BackBlaze IP addresses are allowed

The only thing I can think of is:
- For outbound rule, to use pihole
- For inbound rule...not sure....

Ps: The plan is to have a dedicated machine that does backup from/to BackBlaze (all machines in the house transfer the files to this dedicated machine; and this dedicated machine will do the backup to BackBlaze)

Thanks heaps

Update: I guess I can use "Network Services Filter", but I would then need to create a "deny list" one-by-one OR create a "allow list" one-by-one too (otherwise IP addresses outside the 'allowe list' will not be able to access the Internet or any Internet service)
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