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Firmware version clarification

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I hate to ask questions that might seem obvious to some, but, I admit, I'm a bit confused. Nevertheless, in the router (RT-AX88u Pro) settings (I'm on an iMac) what are the differences between the signature version and the AiMesh version? In the settings, they appear to be the same. And for "Check Update," what exactly is being checked? I don't use my router in an AiMesh setup, and my operation mode is the default. So why would the firmware appear as if it were an AiMesh setting? How many firmware versions are there? Thanks.
Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10.12.29 AM.png
Signature are just the Trend Micro signatures used for Adaptive QoS classification, while the Current Version is the firmware. Notice the two separate Check buttons.

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