[Fork] [Asuswrt-Merlin 374 LTS] How to use custom DoT servers


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I have AC-66U with 374.43_52E7j9527 and I want it to use my NextDNS DoT server. How can I add custom DoT server like this xxxxx.dns.nextdns.io?


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The DoT feature of the WAN allows for custom servers (I assume any forks as well).

You could instead install the NextDNS utility on the router, which will configure Stubby w/ their DNS servers and reconfigure DNSMasq to call Stubby. But (iirc) that will only force your WLAN/LAN clients to use DoT, NOT the WAN itself. If you want the WAN to use DoT as well, you'll need to set "Wan: Use local caching DNS server as system resolver (default: No)" under Tools > Other Settings to Yes.
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