Gig service on modem but AX11000 says 500Mbs Need Help

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New Around Here
So now after quite a run around with Comcast - They verify that my modem is provisioned at 1.000Mbs down 35 Mbs Up - and has not yet received the new speed increase to 1.4 Gbs/45 Gbs. But at least I can rule out any modem provisioning issue. Disabling the AI Protection provided the biggest bang for the buck - at one point even allowing 1009 MBS down and 42 Mbs up. Then Comcast shut everything down to do some "planned maintenance" and it took about an hour after they restored the signal before I could get the AX11000 all settled down.

A big part of the problem is my block is still on a VERY ancient legacy acquired line which now serves a large apartment as well as my block. Comcast says they plan to replace their equipment here, but they are behind due to the pandemic, freeze, whatthehellever excuse this week reason.

So - the S String has restarted, guys :) and the solution that did the most good was to kill the Trendnet AI stuff and say no to all privacy requests.

Thanks for all the input!

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