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Good Deal - $400 OFF NETGEAR ReadyNAS Populated Models

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New Around Here
NETGEAR just posted a sale on Amazon for a few of their populated ReadyNAS models - $200 to $400 off.

I've had my eyes on these for some time, as I want a single device that I can use to store all my files, folders, etc. and access them anywhere on the network. Also, I have lost a few external hard drives over the past couple years due to drive failure, and don't want to risk that again (ReadyNAS has RAID)! I'm sure that I am not the only one who has faced this, so I figured I would share the deal.

RN31662E - 12TB Enterprise Drives

$400 OFF with promo code 400READYNAS


RN31442E - 8TB Enterprise Drives

$300 OFF with promo code 300READYNAS


RN214D43 - 12TB Desktop Drives

$200 OFF with code 200READYNAS



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