Google dns forcing

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Looks like I have 2 rogue devices bypassing my dns set-up. I'm using a phone set-up with my ac86u on latest Merlin. Among other things, i have a nvidia shield tv and the samsung q95t both of them seems to be using some forced Google dns hardcoding. I use netflix as an example, i use my phone and my other tv to test. I live outside the US so I'm using a smartdns which is only used for streaming services to circumvent geo blocking.
Set up is as follows;
Pihole is using unbound and dnsmasq
Ac86u is set to route both Google dns requests to the pihole IP so force using the local resolver
On the dnsmasq settings in my pihole (just like x3m routing) i address a bunch of server and domains used by streaming services to be forwarded to my smartdns IP the rest will use my unbound resolver

Test 1:
Android phone connects to netflix, i can play Dave chappelle shows just fine
Test 2:
On my Q95t i do the same thing but I'm greeted by the "you appear to be using a proxy
Test 3:
On my nvidia shield TV, same show same proxy message
Test 4:
On my other samsung tv same show and it plays just fine

I tried with other shows, netflix is showing US catalogue but US listings are not playing on those 2 devices, such as Snowden, dexter and some more

I also enabled dns filtering on those 2 clients and specified the the Pihole IP as dns server but doesn't seem to do a thing

Looking for solutions

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