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GT-AX6000 Node - 2.5Gbps LAN issue

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I had similar issues when I first set up my GT-AX6000 as a node. What resolved it for me, was in the node settings having the Backhaul Connection Priority as WAN 2.5 G Only and the LAN 2.5G became usable. I also have Ethernet Backhaul Mode turned on in the Aimesh System settings.
I assume that you mean "2.5G WAN first".


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Interesting that you have to force the mode to make it work. I will test afterwards to see if i put the backhaul connection priority to WAN, it'll enable the 2.5G LAN.
I have compared AiMesh with other available home "mesh" systems on the market like Orbi, Eero and Deco and AiMesh quite far from the best. Perhaps Eero is the best one, followed closely by Deco and Orbi. The best I've seen so far is controller managed Omada. It beats all home "mesh" systems, better than UniFi and better than my 4x Ruckus AP system as well. Better in fast switching between the APs.

Could you tell me more about your recommendations for mesh networks? I'm feeling pretty burned by ASUS with the AX6600/XT8 and now the GT-AX6000. Considering jumping ship for another brand that actually connects to the meshes. Unfortunately, I'm unable to hardwire an AP in the house from the detached garage where the network drop is. Need to cover 2400sq foot tri-level house + garage.

The Eero Pro6e seems to be very easy to connect, but limited in range, speed, and no USB port. Haven't yet looked into Deco and Orbi.
If you are going to go with a standard home mesh system, I recommend a 3 pack of eero 6 Pro. They may not be the fastest but they just work and their client roaming is very good.

6e protocol is very range limited and does not have good barrier penetration. It looks good on paper….. :)

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