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Help GT-AX11000 OpenVPN both server and client not working

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My GT-AX11000 main router reset itself to factory settings last week after working great for a few years. I did a hard reset and tried to load my last cfg backup, but it was either too old (2021 - lesson learned!) or corrupt, and did not work, so I did another hard reset and re-configured the settings from scratch. Everything works great except that my subscription OpenVPN client software (BolehVPN) will not successfully connect to any of its network of servers, and I am not able to connect to the my router's built-in OpenVPN server (after creating and exporting a new .ovpn profile) even from within my own network.
I am able to connect remotely to my son's Asus RT-AC68U OpenVPN server that I set up for him a while back, and compared router OpenVPN and WAN settings - port forwarding off on both, don't see any differences, though of course the GT-AX11000 has some additional options.

I need to be able to access my BolehVPN TCP and UDP servers from my devices (OpenVPN app on iOS, Boleh's own app on Windows) and connect to my home via the Router's OVPN server to connect to my home computers when I am away. All of this used to work perfectly before the router crashed.

What router settings am I missing??
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Update - I failed to update my dynamic DNS server in my router, so my requests to access the router's VPN server were being sent to the wrong public IP address. OK. So now looks like I can access my router from remote. But my VPN clients only connect to some of BolehVPN's servers.

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