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I've setup an NGINX reverse proxy on my NAS, but am struggling to get subdomains to work. I originally had DDNS enabled through ASUS (, but since that doesn't seem to support subdomains I've been looking for other options. Ideally, I'd like to use one of the Merlin built-in options, but I can't figure out which supports the functionality that I need. Ideally, I'd like a free DDNS service that supports subdomains and is easy to setup from the Merlin GUI.

I previously setup an account with, and although it appears to support subdomains, it isn't one of the built-in options of the Merlin GUI. I'm willing to go down the script route to get working, but before doing so I wanted to ask for recommendations for simpler options that didn't require scripting.

The final setup would look something like this: -> Media Server -> Web Server -> Self Hosted Storage

Any suggestions and/or recommendations?

** As noted in post below, setup is working now. Looking for recommendations to secure network upstream from router. **
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Hurricane Electric's (It's on the Asus list)
take a level or 3 of their free IPv6 "certification" course (~2hrs, probably less for you) and they'll let you claim a /48...that'll give you plenty of subdomain space
you can even manage your A/AAAA records there...all sorts of goodness.


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I've got everything setup and it's working great.

Current setup is DDNS ( --> RT-AX3000 (port forwarding active for ports 80, 443) --> nginx reverse proxy with ssl --> server with various docker containers

Is there anything I can do to protect my network (upstream from the router)? Cloudflare doesn't seem to accept subdomains, so I can't seem to activate it on my DDNS site.


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