[Help!] RT-AX86u IPv6 issues

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New Around Here
I hope someone here can help me.

I just purchased this router today and when I enable ipv6 the WAN light goes red.
Odd thing is, sometimes the light will be red for 1-2 mins then go back bright white and get connected then go back to red again and get dc'd.
I'm using the exact same ipv6 settings as I did with my rt-ac66u (never had issues).

Any ideas what might be causing this?
I'm using the very latest firmware ( ) - 2020/10/23


New Around Here
Update: I reset the router to factory defaults and re-flashed the router with the latest firmware.

The WAN light still turns red and white (back and forth every minute or so) and the router says disconnected/connected when this is happening.

However I'm not losing internet access at all when this is happening on any of the connected devices.

Oddest problem I have ever seen. Buggy firmware?

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