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Help w/ installing add-on's

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Can someone tell me how to install the frontend or utility that is used to manage all the add-on's I see shown. I have a 64GB USB 3.2 drive installed & formatted.


Tim, N9NU
What "frontend" are you talking about? Post a picture.

You may be referring to amtm which is already part of the firmware. Enable SSH LAN only access in the GUI (Administration - System). Then SSH into the router and type amtm.

That's it. amtm. My mistake. Okay... tnx a bunch. I was thinking it was an additional app. The USB key would be used to install other apps not already installed & backup configs, etc.

Okay .. I'm in. Thankfully it's all Linux based... I'm completely at home with that :)

Tnx agn

Tim, N9NU
Note that some of the add-on's do not require the use of a USB flash drive or USB hard drive/SSD drive. Instead some of them run on the router (usually from the /jffs folder on the router) itself.

Okay. I will check them out. I just discovered the git page with a lot of the additional scripts mentioned. Tnx for the tip.

I know the Merlin modded FW is based directly off the Asus WRT code (which is open source via the GPL) and would love to incorporate ExpressVPN into the router FW using their Lightway protocol, however, that's a proprietary code set and wouldn't be allowed in the Merlin FW as a 3rd party module would it...that is if they (EVPN) would be ok with it.

I'm an RF Engineer and do work for the DOE's FermiLab facility here in Batavia, IL as well as code for KDE/Plasma via C++, Python, QT, Tk, Gtk, etc, etc. - that's on the side for fun & for hire occasionally. I'd live to donate my time to code some needed mods for the Merlin project or 3rd party mods used alongside it if possible.

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Just for your info, I do not support closed source or commercial scripts in amtm. You may code it and publish it but it will never make it into the amtm ecosystem.

I understand ya. You don't want any non gnu/GPL code in it. Makes sense to me. I suppose if it was incorporated into Asus's FW by them directly it would be completely on their end and be separate from amtm.

Okay .. tnx for clearing that up.


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