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Help with DHCP Forwarding

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Hi all.

I'm new to Tomato, and somewhat new to router config. I'm trying to setup what I believe is called a downstream router. I have a fairly standard gateway box running Merlin that provides NAT, DCHP, etc. I want to use a Tomato box for QOS. For reasons to annoying to mention, I can't convert the gateway to Tomato.

I'd like to go from the gateway to the Tomato box, then out to the LAN. I assume I need to go into the WAN side of the Tomato box to get QOS. I'd also like DHCP to pass through the Tomato box and provide DHCP for the LAN-side clients - everything on

When I put Tomato in router mode, I can't get through the box.

Any suggestions? I'm open to any configurations that keep the gateway in place and running Merlin.
So I ask myself, WWMD, "What Would Merlin Do?" ;-) Seriously, I welcome all recommendations. Before you say, "Hire an IT guy", this is a learning experience. I want to do it myself.

Learning experience? Then just dive right in.

Nothing beats doing, when it comes to learning.

Equipment that is left in unopened boxes is wasted opportunities. See how far you can go with what you have right now and when the storm of knowledge is over; sell what you don't need.
Keep them both on the same subnet and reserve the ip addresses. Set the dhcp server as the gateway for whichever device. Basically the upstream device from your description just needs to be an ethernet bridging device.

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