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  1. A

    RT-ACRH17 QoS doesn't work, suggestions?

    I have an RT-ACRH17. One of the main reasons I bought it is that it is supposed to support QoS. My main application for that is to make all the traffic from one local machine that is heading for remote port 443 be absolute lowest priority on the network - it's a cloud backup that continuously...
  2. C

    Asus RT-AC66U with Tomato firmware shuts off when I turn on BWlimiter

    I have an Asus RT-AC66U with Tomato firmware v3.4-140 AIO-64k that turns off whenever I turn on band-width limiter. I have mutiple previous routers that have worked just fine with the software, but for some reason this new router wont let me turn on band-width limiter. I have working internet...
  3. S

    Using a 3rd party DHCP server instead of Router built in DHCP (Tomato Firmware)

    Firmware issue using advanced Tomato on RT-AC66U Running Firmware version: 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-3.5-140 K26AC USB AIO-64K downloaded from advancedtomato com downloads Checked MD5 Hash to ensure no corruption on the download. The problem I am having is that I wish to use my Windows Server for DHCP...
  4. E

    [ASUS RT-AC85P] - Any information?

    Hey guys, I'm new around here :) love the forums! I have just come across the RT-AC85P and cannot find any information on it other than the official site and some e-tailers selling it. My questions are... Is this a new device? Is it a replacement for RT-AC68U? Will it be supported in Merlin...
  5. S

    How I bypassed Asus and installed Tomato on my RT-AC66U

    A friend recently gave me his Asus RT-AC66U and said I was free to play around with it and experiment. After realizing that OpenWRT and DD-WRT were not viable firmware options, I looked in to Tomato. Seeing tons of successful installs on this particular router, I decided to give it a while...
  6. P

    Advice: What R7000 firmware for my needs?

    Hello, I am switching to a new ISP which gives me the possibility to use my own router, I have a Netgear R7000 and would like to use this for the following reasons: 1. VPN - I would like to configure my router to handle my VPN connection so certain devices always use a VPN connection and som...
  7. S

    BUY - Asus RT-AC3200 vs RT-AC86U vs Netgear R8000 - Stock vs Merlin vs Tomato vs DD-WRT vs OpenWRT

    Hi to all! This is my first posting, so hello to everyone in this forum! I don't want to shock you all, but sadly i already need quite a bit of help.. I am sorry for asking this many questions, I am not someone who asks for help easily, but i am lost.. I cant afford to waste this much money...
  8. F

    [SOLVED] Tomato shibby VLAN's forwarding

    Hey all, I have none experience with firewallrules. I hope that someone can and will help me. In my router Asus RT-AC66U with the latest tomato shibby fw i have create 3 VLAN's VLAN 0/1 = my normal home network VLAN 2 = my guest network VLAN 3 = my IOT network. I like to have acces from...
  9. F

    [Solved] 2 Tomato shibby routers with home and guest network

    Hello all, I'm new here and googled a lot to find a workable sollution for my problem. None of the have worked so far. I hope that here i find/get the right anwsers. Thank's in advance. I have my main router a Asus RT-AC66U with Tomato Shibby (1.28.0000 MIPSR2-140 K26AC USB AIO-64K) and a...
  10. S

    Can't revert to latest Merlin firmware on RT-AC68

    I bought an RT-AC68U (CFE ver, boardrev 0x1100, HW_ver 170; was a TM-AC1900) that I initially installed Merlin's firmware on. After using it awhile, I decided to try out the AdvancedTomato firmware, which is what I had been used to on most of my previous (non-Asus) routers. I haven't...
  11. Darf Nader

    How To Build a Dual Router VPN Client Solution?

    Preamble I know there have been many permutations of questions regarding two-router setups in order to provide a router-base VPN tunnel that have already been posted, but I have not found a succinct guide on a holistic approach that explains the concepts as well as the general steps which would...
  12. M

    Asus ac3200 - VyprVpn app - Tomato - any issues?

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with VyprVpn router app on Tomato firmware is it stable? any issues with it? Does it work with Advanced Tomato? I am planning on buying asus ac3200 specifically to use this vpn app so any head's up would be appreciated.
  13. S

    Multiple vulnerabilities in Asus routers

    I am not an expert in security, but while doing a search on google regarding Asus Merlin and trying to figure out if alternate firmware for my new Asus TM-AC1900 ( ie. RT-AC68U) i ran into this webpage that discusses security issues with Asus routers. I have not...
  14. S

    Firmware for RT-AC68R, HW ver. A1

    Greetings - I have been using Tomato by Shibby for years and recently upgraded to this router. The ASUS interface looks decent and the firmware from seems to work well, although I am still much more comfortable with the TomatoUSB interface. My router uses are simple. I only use it for...
  15. ElShaddai Edwards

    Gut check on RT-AC66U performance + functionality

    I've had a RT-AC66U as my main router for over a year now after my N66U went belly up with a power issue. Overall it's been working great. I have a two-story rambler and the router is in the south end, downstairs. I'm using 2.4 GHz for my general wireless -- phones, kindles, etc. -- while...
  16. A

    best firmware for long range transmission?

    I have an RT-AC56U on AsusMerlin v. 380.61.0 (I believe that's the newest build). My best friend, who lives in the apartment above and across from me in our old house, has generously agreed to share his bandwidth with me--I am on a fixed income. I'm going to give him my newer modem and the...
  17. J

    opendns works with computer dns conf manually but not router

    I have several vlans created. All devices attached to these vlans can access internet with no issue. I am using tomato build 132 on an asus rt-n66u router. When the windows 10 computer and windows xp computer is configured manually for dns no opendns oops! page but when the computers are set to...
  18. Thorgear

    Help with DHCP Forwarding

    Hi all. I'm new to Tomato, and somewhat new to router config. I'm trying to setup what I believe is called a downstream router. I have a fairly standard gateway box running Merlin that provides NAT, DCHP, etc. I want to use a Tomato box for QOS. For reasons to annoying to mention, I can't...
  19. Glenn Freidet

    Disable NAT

    Hi. If I disable NAT, shouldn't I be able to use the same subnet on both sides of the router? I currently have a Merlin router with a typical gateway setup. I want to put a Tomato router between the WAN side of the Merlin router and the Internet to handle advanced QOS and IP monitoring. In...