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New Around Here
Hi everyone

I was wondering if i could get some advice

I need to get wireless access on the top floor of my house, currently my linksys wireless router(WAG354G) is situated on the ground floor near the main bt phone socket. I have my main pc which is on the top floor connected to the router by a netgear homeplug. Because the house is very old the walls are very thick tested the wireless reception on the top floor with my laptop i get no signal.

So i was wondering what would be the best product to buy to get wireless access on the top floor. Should i get an access point or a wireless router (and use as a ap creating another ssid on a different channel from the wireless router on the ground floor)

I am fairly new to networking so i apologise if i have made any mistakes in my assumptions.

Any help greatly appreciated

Is the top floor one or two floors away from the current router location?

What is the problem with the current powerline connection? (Please provide specific model # of the NETGEAR products being used?

Do you have a coax connection between the floors?

The top floor is two floors away from the router

I wanted wireless on the top floor so my laptop does not have to been plugged in by ethernet.

Yes i have coax cable wiring throughout the house.

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