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Home network configuration (PFsense)


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I am interested in setting up a PFsense appliance for OpenVPN application. I have come across a claim from a PFsense advocate who stated this about PFsense:

"My speeds are 940Mb/sec off VPN, 840Mb/sec on VPN max sustained speeds using Torguard VPN using OpenSSL using their 10Gb
premium network on a dedicated pfsense box with a cheap aes-ni processor with a dual port 10Gb NIC. ( For me, it's worth the extra 26.6 cents per day for the extra speed their premium network can give me consistently 840 ), but to each their own I suppose. For folks who do not need the fastest speeds that their premium offers as a service, there is the regular shared service too. Nothing wrong with either, just personal preference..."

Is this a realistic performance expectation using an appropriate AES-NI processor with ISP line speed of 1000/500Mbps fiber service?

Thank you in advance.


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Kinda. 2 10Gb ports may have a problem plugging into a modem unless it supports 10/1 gig ports. If you run a motherboard which supports 2 Intel 10 gig NICs then it probably is a fast enough motherboard to support a 1 gig VPN connection. You may not need a 10 gig motherboard to achieve what you want.

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