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How to setup site 2 site routing between Asus [strongswan] and OCI?

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I'm trying to setup VPN between my home Asus router using strongswan and oci

Ipsec does connect, but i can't ping my oci server from local network, or vice versa.

How to setup the route?

Oci status and route settings [1]

oci settings route policy based [i tried static and no help]

asus settings

asus actual (?) settings

Maybe i could use BGP routing, but how do I make my asus router AS?

This is in the charon log
16[KNL] <oci-tunnel-1|1> installing route: src dev ipsec0
i suspect issue might be with the way i created tun device (openvpn --mktun --dev tun1) or still with my configuration for strongswan not using the tun device?


I have tried
ip route add dev ipsec0
but still can't ping between oci and my home network
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For now i gave up on asus with ipsec site to site

created oracle linux 8 server, put openvpn server onto it, set the server ip as static route to my network CIDR, connected asus router to the openvpn server.

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