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I have had my fill of the XT8 ignoring the 5GHz-2 backhaul as an AiMesh node...

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No screenshot handy, but mine (on stock 21617 firmware) have the Backhaul Connection Priority option as well. Two XT8s, no other routers in my AiMesh
Not everyone can simply lay a Lan cable. That's what the triband systems are designed for. As a buyer, I can expect them to work properly
I hear you. It worked "properly" for me (XT8 set, wireless backhaul as a brief test) but what it can do with a wire is very much better. "Can't means won't" run a wire, hahaha! Just sayin'.
I have now experienced far too much daily frustration with Asus AImesh reliability. I've tried both RT-AX88U and XT8 hardware configurations. I'm ready to avoid Asus wireless gear altogether, due to firmware issues disconnecting wireless clients and maintaining the AImesh. It seems it may honestly be easier and more reliable to place an x64 Linux box in each of the node locations.

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