Solved IGNORE Bug in Merlin 386.7.2 on RT-AX3000? DHCP active in AP mode


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Yesterday, I upgraded to Merlin 386.7.2 on my RT-AX3000 (same thing as RT-AX358U). I noticed that now some machines are getting IP addresses in a range I never use - Machines are reporting that a device with an IP address of is giving them a DHCP address. Asus router has an IP address of
Bug? Although I am not 100% sure if it is the Asus which is providing these IPs via DHCP. I could run wireshark and verify.

My network is configured like this:
Verizon FIOS ONT >> Firewalla Purple >> Asus router in AP mode

Firewalla purple issues IPs in the range of
Asus router is supposed to have DHCP disabled automatically. DHCP page is not even there because it is in AP mode.
This setup has been working fine for a year or so. Never had this rogue IP issue.


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Set a client to, then try accessing to see what answers you. It`s unlikely to be the Asus, because Asus uses either or by default.


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Oh I am so embarrassed! But gotta report back.
Did some more troubleshooting, tried your suggestion but to no avail. Then I resorted to running wireshark. I quickly found the offender, an old TP-Link travel router setup in a "client" mode seemingly has suddenly started giving out DHCP IP addresses! It was installed in a AV rack for giving network connection to a Audio reciever, which does not have wi-fi.

Sooo sorry for this thread. Maybe a mod can delete it

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