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IP leak when using download master

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Hi Everyone,
I have a router ASUS RT-AC68U and since a few months I use Merlin firmware. I presently use the latest version RT-AC68U_384.13_0

and I have OPEN VPN directly set up on it.
However when I use the build-in application Download Master for torrents, my real IP is leaked.
I can see it on https://ipleak.net/ > torrent address detection. And when I did not use Merlin I did not have this issue. This occurs only with this torrent application, for firefox and so on the IP from the VPN will appear.

I tried multiple settings but I still have this issue. And I looked on the forum but I could not find any similar topic. Did anyone face this issue? Anyone has an idea what I should do?

Thank you

Hi, thank you for your input. I cheked this post but unfortunately my issue is different. I have no leak on my devices, neither PC nor mobile, as far as I can see.
This issue occurs only with the application "Download Master". So it seems to be related to the router itself, not to devices corrected to it.

My LAN IP is
and WAN IP

so I have under VPN: Rules for routing client traffic through the tunnel

source IP
Destination IP
Iface VPN

and this works for all my devices; but not for download master.
Any idea?

Thank you
Check the rules as stated in the link.
Hi, sorry but I am not following you, are you refering to the policy rules? I am using the same as described in the second topic:

thank you

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