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[ipv6 problem]how to set relay mode on merlin?

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My isp give both v4 and v6 address, but ipv6-pd prefix is 64bit. WAN connection type is pppoe.
I have two routers, one is RX-AC86U, merlin version 386.7_2, another is a netgear router with openwrt installed. both router can get ipv6 address on wan.
I set openwrt router in relay mode, devices on lan side can get ipv6 address without any problem, but when i use RX-AC86U as router, it can't allocate ipv6 address to lan.
my IPv6 configuration on RX-AC86U:

IPv6 Configuration
IPv6 Connection Type Native with DHCP-PD
WAN IPv6 Address 240e:****/64
WAN IPv6 Gateway fe80::****
LAN IPv6 Address /0
LAN IPv6 Link-Local Address fe80::****/64
DHCP-PD Enabled
LAN IPv6 Prefix /0
DNS Address 240e:5a::6666 240e:5b::6666

and here is my configuration on openwrt router,
config dhcp 'lan'

    option interface 'lan'

    option start '100'

    option limit '150'

    option leasetime '12h'

    option ra 'relay'

    option dhcpv6 'relay'

    option ndp 'relay'

    option ignore '1'

config dhcp 'wan'

    option interface 'wan'

    option ignore '1'

    option ra 'relay'

    option dhcpv6 'relay'

    option ndp 'relay'

    option master '1'

anyone can tell me how to set relay mode on RX-AC86U.
OpenWRT IPv6 Relay is the same as setting your ASUS IPv6 connection type to passthrough. This is not to be confused with DHCP Relay which is something different.

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