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my ac-86u can't allocate ipv6 address to lan

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Hello , my router is ac-86u, Merlin Firmware Version:386.7_2
I can get ipv6 form IPS via PPPOE, when ssh to the router,I find that router's ppp0 interface can get both ipv4 and ipv6 address, ipv6's prefix length:64.

Attachment is my ipv6 configure

Pls tell me how to solve this.

BTW: i can get ipv6 on lan when i use a openwrt router.

System Log - IPv6 Network Information
This page shows IPv6 network details.
IPv6 Configuration
IPv6 Connection Type Native with DHCP-PD
WAN IPv6 Address 240e:*********/64
WAN IPv6 Gateway fe80::200:5eff:fe00:101
LAN IPv6 Address /0
LAN IPv6 Link-Local Address fe80::fe34:97ff:fe9c:72a0/64
DHCP-PD Enabled
LAN IPv6 Prefix /0
DNS Address 240e:5a::6666 240e:5b::6666


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You’re not getting assigned any LAN IP ranges.

Who is your ISP?

I had a recent issue where my ISP couldn’t assign me any LAN IPv6 addresses because the assignment was still pointing to their ISP supplied router and they had to manually clear the assignment down for it to assign to my ASUS on their system.

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