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Heck, cant even post with all these ads blocking the page

So I was advised to stay with Farmwear :386.5_2 on my RT AX86U, naturally its been telling me there's a new version which I have ignored since new, but I've been so ill, I wonder if its time to upgrade to one of the new ones. If so which one, the latest ? Has the problems been sorted out (what ever they were)

Now 3 more since I installed?, didn't want to post in that old long outdated thread

I’m personally fine with 388.1 on my AX58U and AX11000.

If there is a particular problem with speeds or stability on the AX86U I’m not sure. But 388.1 release is the latest firmware besides diving into alphas such as 388.2.
I am really happy with 388.1 on my ax86s but suggest you wait for 388.2 (probably only a few weeks away).

Strongly recommend upgrading to 388.x then factory resetting and manually setting up the router without importing any settings etc. might take an hour or so but will be worth it.
I have been updating my ax86u with almost every new release since I got it 2 years ago. I did skip a couple of the 386.7_x releases. I have not had issues with any but my system is very simple, just the router and a bunch of wireless (and 2 wired) clients. No scripts or add-ons. Somewhere along the way I lost the parental controls function (not terribly important to me) so I plan to do a factory reset after 388.2 is released.
The answer is always the same.

It will be released when it's deemed ready.
Personally I've always upgraded my AX86U asap. I have been on the 386.7.2 since it was released (and it has been working flawlessly! all those months) and was about to upgrade to 388.1 when it was released in ?2022?, but I didn't when I saw people reporting disconnects and other kinda diffuse problems.

2 weeks ago i decided to upgrade (since I figured that the problems people reported early must have been fake, else there would have been released a "fixed version" of 388.1. But lo and behold) and ever since then ive had random connection drops disconnecting me from my games and from my work VPN during meetings. Its horrible since it works fine most of the day and then BOOM i get drop-outs for 5-20seconds at a time. It can work fine for hours then suddenly i get random "Request timed out". And maybe once or twice a week the router completely reboots/crashes, which i notice by the wifi being completely gone for 1 min. No clue why this is happening. Mind you I haven't factory reset the router after the update but yeah, I decided to downgrade to 386.7.2 again yesterday and all the problems I experienced is gone. Now its back to working flawlessly again.

Personally I'm gonna wait for the next release after 388.1 and then do a full reset and manually set the router up again if I dont see much complaints in the release thread
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I wonder if its time to upgrade to one of the new ones.

Stay on 386.5_2 or move one up to 386.7_2, but definitely skip 388.1 and wait for 388.2. Upgrade only after positive user feedback. If not good - stock Asuswrt 388_22525 is okay for Wi-Fi and AiMesh. It has some issues, but you may not notice. Read the post above one more time.
388.1 has been very stable for me. I did fix the "control channel" under each of wireless bands as well as disabled 160MHz.
Yikes so many yes and no, if it been one of my other routers with 50+ devices there is no way id do a factory reset, to much trouble identifying devices. But this being on Wifi 6 encryption, there is only 4 devices that work on that so no big deal resetting that.

I'm facing big issues here right now, silly me decided to switch off that node I set up, also switch of the second router with the same id but different Ip address range, but worse still move all routers to one place on my very large stairs, thinking Id get a good coverage everywhere. So away I went fitting double sockets, and again forgot about the Philips and ZigBee interface,

But I am having strange problems with the phone, if I connect in my Livingroom, Im getting 780Mb, but if i go next to the router and connect I get 2.1Gb and it stays like that when i go back into my Livingroom.

So though with all those farmwear releases, surely the latest RT-AX86U_388.1_0 will be ok, now reading this I don't know what to do.


There's a strange jump in numbers that's loosing me?

Ok, 386.7 no 7.1 no 387 a jump to 388

So someone tell me I should at leased go to RT-AX86U_386.7_2 ??

The problems I'm having is probably my new location, never fitted them there before, and when I had an upstairs and downstairs with the same ID, when ever i rebooted say upstairs everything connected very fast to the downstairs, you didn't see the change, but with 2 Network drives with reserve IP addresses my TV cant see them unless its connected to the downstairs IP range, so I thought the signal is so good up and down I only need one router, I admit its getting full, but other that the tv, things like Alexa and Philips hue are not very Hungary for bandwidth.

You see I had ugly Cat 8 cables all different colours going along some of the ceilings, so moving things to stairwell gets rid of long cablets (10M) so now I need all new cables much shorter 5M would be plenty, and the NAS drives right next to the routers with very short leads.

I think ill go test the TV see if its ok, totally lost some Alexa devices for some reason

So what to do with this farmwear, wait a few weeks ?

Thanks all for the contradicting info :)-
no i do not, before the routers were upstairs and downstairs using a master and node with old routers, it did NOT work, nobody is forcing you to answer, things have changed in a big way, I'm looking for help from someone who will be kind enough to answer. if you don't understand the changes say so, i will help you

p.s no i have not been well enough to check research any news farmwear

any block feature in this form
if you don't understand the changes say so

You've probably noticed you're talking to yourself in the other thread.
One possible reason - no one understands the changes you're talking about.

any block feature in this form

Yes, hold your mouse pointer over someone's avatar and select Ignore:


i have not been well enough to check research any news farmwear

No change in firmware situation. Asuswrt-Merlin 388.2 is still in Beta stage.

Good luck. Get better soon.

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