Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta (stage 2) is now available

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After 4 days completely uneventful with this beta 5 - I did notice something which I think is a bug on my AX88U. I wanted to do a speed test, which I have done a couple of times before on beta 5, but this time I couldn’t, apparently because of some problem detected by the router? The router writes “This function is temporarily disabled due to Internet disconnection”? But the everything works as expected - speed from clients are fast as ever. I also noticed that the upload and download bars on the front page were not functioning.
An update to this. Just tried navigating around again and the same message was still present etc. Also noticed the client list on front page was empty. Suddenly I was logged out automatically? After logging in again all was back to normal - speed test and everything. It’s doesn’t seem to affect vital stuff - just a little weird.
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