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Is the Netgear WGT624 that much slower than the latest crop of new wireless routers?

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Hi all,

When comparing wireless speed and range, if the Netgear WGT624 running on Super-G speeds that much inferior to a

buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH


dlink 655

I couldn't find the Netgear WGT624 on the wireless charts.

Super G=108Mb/s (only works with matching Atheros Super G client adapter
802.11n=300Mb/s (with 2x2 radio. I.E. Dlink DIR-655)

Does your WGT624 work for you? Are there any apps (Skype, Games, etc.) that don't work correctly? Is it reliable for you?

If it works OK for you I would stick with it. Upgrading isn't always painless. While many users enjoy the Dlink 655 (and many other routers) others suffer great pains with lockups, reboots and other intermittent issues.

So, don't fix it if it isn't broken.
It's funny you should ask..

In general, as long as the temperature in my network closet is within 70-85 degrees, everything seems stable. I good week will only have about 1-2 reboots due to lockups, I guess that is OK.

There are a few exceptions however to this seemingly reasonable uptime:

---For some weird reason, most computers with new wireless NICs [built less than a couple of years ago], seem to lockup my router when I try and use facebook or google maps. My older NICs do not have this problem, even when I install them on the new computers.

---My ISP is selling me 10mbs, but I can only get 3.4mbs through this router, even if I try surfing from any one of multiple computers positioned right next to the router. If I use RJ-45 wired link directly to the cable modem, I get 10mbs easy.

---My netgear super-G NIC [511T PCMCIA super G] shows I am connected at 108mbs at Excellent signal strength, but I can never get over 4mbs across the local network or through my ISP.

So, given these abnormalities, should I upgrade to something new?

Also, does the buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH have 2x2 radio ?

Thanks again,
First off, you are talking in Mb/s and not MB/s correct?

The problems you are experiencing are not entirely unusual. The WGT624 uses an Atheros 500x chipset. I've seen many of these routers have problems with newer wireless NIC's. Sometimes upgrading NIC drivers or changing settings in the NIC can help, but not always. The odd thing is that the problem doesn't occur in all routers that use these older 500x chipsets so I suspect most of the problems are about poor firmware implementation.

I assume you've already checked to see if Netgear has newer firmware for your WGT624? Are you using WPA security? Does your version of the WGT624 support AES encrpytion? That would be WPA2 AES. If so, try it.

Are you experiencing the same poor bandwidth on LAN-LAN traffic? If LAN-LAN traffic is faster, but LAN-WAN is pitifully slow, you may only need to adjust your router MTU setting.

If all else fails, yes upgrading will help. I don't know much about the Buffalo model but Tim's preview looks interesting. That said Tim's limited testing doesn't always uncover problems (not Tim's fault). Its in real world, extended use testing, that people begin to see router limitations/bugs, etc...

I would recommend you try the Dlink DIR-655. If you experience problems check the user forums at http://forums.dlink.com to see about newer firmware that may work better for you.

You can also consider upgrading to one of the mature 802.11g products. Some have been around for a while and have fairly reliable chipsets. I can't point you in the right direction per se but a friend of mine buys the Linksys WRT54G (new internal antenna version) and uses them in the field a lot with few problems.
Sorry, that's Mb/s

I will check the MTU on the router....

So, you like the 655 better than the buffalo.. interesting..


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