Issues with dropped connection


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I am running a AC68U on 386.5.2. For some time now I have been noticing intermittent connection drops. Like viewing pages, everything stops loading till I refresh a few times. I thought it was my Network adapter I225_V, then got a wifi card today (ax210) and noticed it already a few times. Suggestions on where to start looking to troubleshoot?


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Start by checking the logs to see if there is anything to indicate a local (WiFi) issue, or an ISP connection issue.


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Hard to see what is going on in the log, but I cleared it and next time it happens I'll try to get the most recent log.


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Hello. I use RT-AC68U with 386.5_2 together with SKYNET, ADGUARD and CHECKWAN. I have problems with the occasional loss of the Internet a long time ago, but CHECKWAN will always solve it. I only used CHECKWAN for the floods and later I also installed SKYNET and recently ADGUARD. I don't understand the logs. Could someone look at my syslog? Maybe the source of my problem will be recorded there? THX

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