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Internet connection drops for 10 seconds randomly only when SSH into router.

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Hello, I recently upgraded my older RT-AC86U router with the newer RT-AX86U Pro and noticed after I installed YazFi that when I’m logged into the router via SSH the entire internet connection on all devices drops for about 10 seconds then automatically comes back on.

This kicks me out of PUTTY because the connection is broken and I have to re-log back into the router. I have never had this problem with the old router and I think this only started happening after I installed YazFi on my new router but I’m not sure.

I haven’t got the slightest clue what could be causing the whole internet connection to all my devices to drop for 10 second intervals only when SSH into my router.

Note that after being kicked out of my SSH session a few times and re-logging back into the router for like the 4th or 5th time that then all stops mysteriously and will work properly for the remainder of my time while logged into the router with Putty.

So in case what I said doesn’t really make sense, I’ll sum it up: New RT-AX86U Pro cutting internet connection on all devices for 10 second intervals only while logged into the router via Putty. I only noticed this after I installed YazFi. After a bunch of disconnections everything works fine again for the remainder of my past Putty session.
And does the issue go away when you uninstall (or deactivate) YazFi? Might as well perform the test to narrow things down.
So I tried what you mentioned and uninstalled YazFi and my connection went back to normal during SSH, no more dropping of the internet.

I then hang out in the router to make sure no more dropped connections and can confirm they went away when YazFi was uninstalled, then reinstalled YazFi and immediately the connection starts to cut out again.

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