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Just got an Asus RT-AC88U got a couple of issues need help

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So I just got an Asus RT-AC88U to replace an Archer 9 wifi router, setup was fairly easy and I'm pretty much all up and running I do have a few issues in need of some help.

My Printer is wifi capable and uses 2.4GHZ, it worked fine on the Archer but it seems with the Asus it drops and disappears off the network and then shows up as offline when I try and print. I've even hardcoded the IP on the router and it still seems to do this. How do I keep the router from dropping the connection to my wifi printer? This is really annoying and never happened under my Archer. Under the hardcoded IP for the Printer it also shows as offline. It obviously goes into sleep mode but should not be dropped from the network. If I reboot the router or make a change the printer shows up as back online.

Secondly Torrents seems to be really slow with the Asus, I have 125 MB connection, the pc gets that speed but torrents are only getting 600-700KB when normally they would get 2-4MB. I know tottenrts speeds vary but in general terms my speeds are much much slower than the Archer.

Also when I do a view list of devices connected by wifi, the list will go from 14 to 3 like a bunch of devices drop off including my printer

Some settings I changed listed below, let me know if i should change them back if they are contributing to my issue

Enable DoS protection - I enabled this
Malicious Sites blocking - I turned this on

I think I'm going to return this router if these problems persist over the next few days. My Archer has been dropping internet and has some conflict with my modem but it seemed to be more reliable than the Asus other wise.
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should be set to "off", this is the default.

Thanks I'll try that and the airtime fairness change.

I've also made these changes based on some suggested posts

- Disable MU-MIMO
- Disable Nitro/Turbo-QAM
- 5 GHz: disable universal beamforming
- 2.4 GHz: disable both beamforming
- Set a static channel on both bands
Looks like the tweaks fixed the printer issue thanks for the info, weird they would have this on by default that would drop wireless printers.

Any ideas on the torrent issue? I use Uottrent and it really seems speeds are slower with the Asus than the Archer.

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