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Linksys Velop WHW030(X) Detailed Config (Web GUI?)

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I am trying to help a friend (remotely ATM) with issues they are having with their Linksys Velop WHW0303 Mesh.

They have tried to connect both a wireless camera and a CPAP machine to the network, but the units are not connecting. Details are vague TBH.

After reading the manual, which is pretty slim, I am of the opinion that the device is set up with "Band Steering" (or what ever Linksys calls this) as they only have a single SSID. I have seen some issues, specifically with the latest Verizon HW, that not all older clients like to connect, so I am assuming this is the issue. Thoughts\confirmation appreciated.

Can someone confirm that there is configuration that will allow separating the bands and assigning distinct 2.4 and 5G (x2) SSIDs.
Can this be HW be setup with a PC or only the mobile app?

Other info I am not sure of, but would be helpful would include the default IP (, user (admin) and password (admin).

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