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Linksys WRT600N Review: Dual-Band 11n comes to Linky-land

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Mr. Easy
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Linksys fans will find a lot to like in this long-awaited top-of-the-line simultaneous dual-band Draft 2.0 11n router.[article link]

Just noting my problems with linksys WRT600N router. I have two of them. The power adapter lasted three days on the first one. The second lasted 4 1/2 months. It is a 120v/12v 2amp adapter. The build dates are 3/08. This seems to be an adapter no one makes except for linksys. Either less than 2amp or more than 2 amp. I thought of trying a 2.5 amp so maybe it would hold up better. I can't find any blogs on this problem or any fixes. I am still WAITING after jumping through many hoops to get linksys to sell me new ones because they DON'T warranty anything you buy on ebay even if it's sealed NIB. They say someone could have taken it apart and damaged it. Nice way to not stand behind a product.Like no one ever got bad products from a physical store. Luckily I have a G band back up router I use. So my warning is to be careful about relying on this router only. The fiasco of telephone calls to linksys once you get through to someone that knows anything and speaks english cleary enough is ended with taking your phone number and the sales department will call whenever they are not OVERLOADED to take your order on a secure line. Imagine that, their main lines are not secure. I hope this is useful to some else.
WRT600N Power Supply Problems

My power supply for the WRT600N just died the other day. No computers were running on the network at the time. I just saw the light go out on the unit and started checking things. It has been in service only since late July. Luckily I had another suitable supply handy to keep me running for now (I work from home and need net access). This may definitely be something for others to watch out for.

I haven't called support yet as I'm waiting for a different router (to be used for a backup) to arrive.


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