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Lower refresh rate for custom DDNS update on failure, do avoid update loop

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Is it possible to increase delay between ddns updates? At the moment I have update loop for dnsexit provider. The issue is that if the client exceeded 5 updates within 10 minutes interval (all clients AFAIU), api call returns error like this "{"code":8,"message":"Updates too often - XXXXXX has 12 updates that have exceeded the 10-minute limit of 5"}". If `ddns-start` reports that as failure with `/sbin/ddns_custom_updated 0`, there follow updates every 30 seconds. So now we have >5 API calls (updates) forever.
Temporary workaround is to disable ddns for 10 minutes, and re-enable, but this is potentially unstable.
Another workaround is to report such update as success and enable updates every hour, but that seems unnecessary.
More complex approach would be noting the timestamp of last call to ddns-start and reporting failure without actual call to ddns server until the desired delay is passed (cumbersome).

Is there a better approach?

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