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Mastiff: Init every 30 seconds?

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Ola Malmstrom

Regular Contributor
I changed the "Log only messages more urgent than" from Notice to Warning a few days ago. This looked fine for a while. However after an automatic restart tonight around 03:30, I have started to get the message "Mastiff: init" about every 30 seconds or so.

When I browse the log file, I can see this message for a while after the previous restart. Then it disappeared by itself.

I have both QoS and AiProtection set to off after a complete factory reset about 2 weeks ago. Running 388.5 on a ZenWifi XT12 Pro.

Is this a real problem that I need to deal with or can I just ignore it? Everything seems to work fine, very low CPU load and nothing else that I can see.

Thanks MDM - tried search but probably not in all threads..... mea culpa!!

So my conclusions are:
  • it is a known issue and can be ignored since it doesn't do any harm
  • if I want to get rid of the message, I can set the "Disable Asusnat tunnel" to Yes which MAY affect performance
Nothing to do with performance (How did you get That??! 😅), just with some ASUS services (like ASUS App etc.).
I browsed through both links you sent. Lots of stuff..... I may have misunderstood something, but it was written that performance MAY be reduced with 20 % in some cases. Is that what you mean?
No, it is as I wrote - it does NOT affect performance, rather it can not! 😉

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