micro-rant. What's with TP-Link anyway?

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New Around Here
I recently discovered that my home D-Link DIR-842 WiFi router was still TKIP enabled though I had to use Apple's airport CLI to discover that.
(This was prompted by a "Weak Security" warning on my iPhone when I hooked to the WiFi after the iOS 14 update).
That WiFi router was new in 2016 and D-Link's last update was also in 2016.

So after careful reading of specs and manuals I ordered a TP-Link Archer C80 which is a relatively recent model (2019) at a good price on Amazon.

And then setting it up, there is no option that doesn't allow WPA. WTF?

So I ordered a Netgear R6850 which should arrive today. At least (based on an older NG at work and reading the DL'd manual) I know that TPIK and WPA are definitely not enabled if properly configured.[1]

Further, all the manufacturers, or at least most that I see, do deserve a spanking for one thing: many (all?) have WPS buttons and modes. This should have been abandoned 10 years ago. At least it can be disabled in settings but I despair for those people who believe it's a safe way to set up a WiFi system.

Rant over. Have a great weekend and stay safe! Happy Thanksgiving, eh! (Canada).

[1] before anyone recommends I should get the OneTrue-WifiCo Turbo-Barracuda-Tiger-Eating-Blast-Master-6, save it, I don't game and the R6850 is probably 5x more WiFi/Router than we really need.


New Around Here
Agreed, disappointing to see WPA/WPA2 as a combined option over a decade since WPA was deprecated. I'm not sure if clients automatically connect using the most secure WPA2 option, if they did then it wouldn't be a problem but I don't have enough knowledge to know if that is the case and agree with your decision to move to a device that provides exclusive WPA2.


New Around Here

I see, in my neighbourhood, most WiFi's are now WPA2/AES only. There are a few WPA/WPA2 mit der TPIK. (And one WPA2 with TPIK - I know who from the SSID - not the smartest on any given day...). This is the suburbs so the most SSID's I see is about 15 - 18 with a peak of 22 recorded by a little program I wrote to monitor my own WiFi.

Anyway the new WiFi router is here and all is good.


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