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N7700pro modules

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Anyone know where I can get an SSH module for my nas?

The app center is long gone from the thecus website
I tried the wayback site to not avail

Anyone ???
I did that, they will not support the device as it's so old.
I am of the opinion If it ain't broke don't fix t.

It has 30TB of disk space in a raid5 setup was just looking to extend its functionally.

I did install the last firmware for the device that I could find.
I am also of the same opinion. Don't fix a running system.

To move from that NAS, I would buy new hardware, new drives and only attempt to COPY data to the new setup. And have the old hardware as a backup only at that point.

Only when you're ready to make such a move, of course.

But in the meantime, I hope you have backups of that 30TB array. And even more important, you've tested that those backups are working too.
It has 30TB of disk space in a raid5 setup was just looking to extend its functionally.

A 10 year old NAS with 30GB in RAID5 is a ticking time bomb - it's not if it will fail, it's when...

As @L&LD mentions, keep a backup of that array, and I would consider making plans for a replacement.

Capacitors dry out, power supplies fail - this is a given...
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