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NAS - Memory upgrade

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I've been reading the reviews on SNB and I'm surprised by the small amount of ram they install in these devices.

The ReadyNas Duo comes with 256mb. Has SNB thought about upgrading to 1GB and retesting the device to see it it improves performance?

With RAM being so cheap it might be an easy upgrade.

Lean operating systems (often proprietary ones based on *nix), but even the Windows based ones are usually stripped pretty lean.
File servers actually don't need much RAM..it's all disk and NIC intensive. Data spit out in wee little chunks across the network. It's servers that run applications that often need to be stuffed.
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I have the Infrant NV with 256MB. Infrant's FAQ said that a user will see an increase in performance (roughly 12% increase). I chose not to upgrade the RAM, 12% isn't that much, and performance seems OK with the 256MB.


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