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ASUS XT12 no USB port problem (can't use some of amtm addons like diversion and so on)

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New Around Here

I'm running for years a duo off RT-AC86U AI-mesh as main and node without a problem (snb helped me much to set it up)
Bought the ASUS XT12 2-pack for upgrade, to use as main merlin router (4 core CPU, and 1GB RAM), and the old RT-AC86U as nodes.
But I'm stuck, as the XT12 doesn't have USB port, so I can't use all of merlin amtm addons like diversion and so on.
Is there some way around it?
I don't want to use XT12 only as a node...

I was considering some wild config, with ISCSI targets (that will be a huge pain, and reliability issues) and so on, but will be grateful if there's something for it, that I just don't know about.
Like can I just plug the USB to the RT-AC86U node and use that? looking for some simple cheat like that.

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