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New Around Here
I first foray into NAS' :)

I would like to keep my first one cheap and relatively simple. I prefer to go a dedicated NAS hardware box rather building one up from old computer (space, power savings).

My requirements are quite simple to begin with, being able to pull files (and stream mp3/xvids) from the NAS and sometimes provide files to myself from the internet. Speed can be 100mbit for now. If my needs balloon out, then i might invest in something more complex.

What are peoples suggestions here?
I have a couple options myself:
and the D-Link DNS-313.

The D-Link would be about $25 more (not worried about that).

Any other ones to consider or which would be the best bang for buck? Hacking/Modifying firmware or putting on linux im not afraid of if it comes to that, more interested in getting the hardware to suit and then work from that.

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