NAT loopback with ZenWIFI XT8

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New Around Here
Hi !

I have an issue with the NAT loopback on my ZenWifi XT8.

I have several container on my server and I want to use the reverse proxy on my LAN to access on this ressource. Synology block the port 80 and 443 so I need to do port forwarding on the router to redirect my traffic to my reverse proxy on port 8765 for HTTP and 8907 for HTTPS. My Nginx Proxy Manager listen to this port.

But my Asus does not port forwarding on my LAN. When I tried to access on a website with my domain configured with my reverse proxy, the redirection doesn't work. It's seems to be caused by the NAT Loopback which doesn't work.

The NAT loopback is active in my router (seen on the forum that it's enable by default anyway...)

admin@ZenWiFi_XT8-3AA0:/tmp/home/root# iptables -t nat -S POSTROUTING | grep br0

The idea is to search for a service https://sub.domain.tld -> Adguard redirect to the reverse proxy -> access to the service via the reverse proxy.

I have Airmesh actived, some people said that it can be an issue.

Do you have any idea ?

Thanks a lot !

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